Rabbits Road Press: Open Access Returns

January 2018

We're pleased to let you know that Rabbits Road Press, our community Risograph printing press, will reopen for free weekly Open Access sessions from January 10th 2018. If exploring Risograph printing happens to be on the top of your New Years to-do list (it is now) come down to our appointment-free sessions to receive a 1:1 induction from one of our OOMK technicians. The induction session will introduce you to the workspace and equipment and you'll have the opportunity to print a collage in two colours using the Risograph machine (and make 5 free copies to take home). After completing an induction session, you'll be able to use Open Access sessions for independent practice or projects. A range of printing materials, ink and paper will also be available at a low cost (with further reductions for Newham residents). OOMK technicians will be on hand to support throughout the day. For more information on dates & times visit Rabbits Road Press.